Invitation to Congress

Prof. Dr. Seval AKGÜN

Dear Colleagues,

It is an issue that has been expressed on every occasion that productivity is an important function in the solution of health problems in the World Health circles. Nowadays, in order for the institutions to continue their improvement and development, it is necessary to determine the targets very well and to use all resources in a way to achieve these targets. Planning and building healthcare organizations worldwide is not enough. The feature that will make these organizations World-class healthcare facility is only possible by applying the efficiency principles in the management of the facilities and involving the patients and their relatives in their diagnostic and treatment processes and ensuring their participation in the provision of health services.Patient-Centered Care, by providing quality and appropriate services to the expectations of patients and relatives, even by designing the service according to the expectations of patients and their relatives ensure the highest level of satisfaction and make the instutions efficient.    

On the other hand, smart hospitals could not go beyond a dream until recently, however today, with the use of effective health information sustems, there are many smart hospitals in Turkey.The smart hospital is fully integrated with all kinds of medical and non-medical technologies. So healthcare professionals spend much less time and energy,  all systems, including ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems, controlled by a single center,  there is a paperless system for  any kind of procedures, so affecting the work processes of healthcare professionals, and controlling the correct drug and medical treatment practices.  Smart hospitals have effective, efficient, economical to hospital employees, patients and their relatives with a hospital operation and advanced technology equipment where all operations are performed, controlled, managed with full automation system are third parties, fully integrated with e-health and e-government systems. Smart hospitals; ensure cost-effective and comfortable service to patients by controlling their illness and healing in a short time. It gives clinicians, managers and researchers the tools to plan and deliver care and more effective treatments, improving efficiency through flawless information transfer and vital information analysis. Today, all the hospitals in our country have advanced hospital information system. But there is still a long way to go to integrating smart hospital systems. While we are dealing with integrated hospital information management systems, developed countries have entered the smart hospital phase and even some hospitals have started green software applications within the scope of green hospitals. Smart hospitals will be the new target in our hospitals which will complete the integrated hospital information systems phase. In addition, within the framework of changing management approach, health institutions should establish patient-oriented management and patient empowerment. In the twenty-first century, the concept of health care, which started to spread in North America and European countries at the same time, is the concept of " Efficiency in Healthcare, Patient-Centered Care and Smart  Hospital " health services. Patient-centered health services gain importance because of the rapid developments in medical science and information technologies. In parallel with the rapid developments in information and communication technologies, a rapid change is experienced in our medical knowledge. Perhaps the most important reason for the importance of patient-centered health care is the change in patient expectations due to the ease of access to this information.

For this reason, the main theme of the Tenth International Health and Hospital Management Congress will be “Efficiency in Healthcare, Patient-Centered  Care and Smart  Hospital”.

As it is known, the aim of our 10th international healthcare and hospital management congress is to bring academics, policy makers and practitioners together in a broad spectrum around well-defined topics, to gather participants in beneficial discussions and to develop common understanding. An additional objective of the congress is to create an environment that enables multidisciplinary academics and professionals in health management to meet and interact with individuals within or outside their own disciplines.

The Tenth International Congress on Healthcare and Hospital Management will show you, healthcare managers, the leaders in the industry, new management methods, effective management skills, patient-centered care and the principles of creating smart and patient-friendly health care organizations. During the congress, the methods to be used in health institutions, their applicability in our institutions and the steps to be followed in order to create effective management and smart and patient-friendly health institutions in a health institution, region and province will be discussed in the form of oral and poster presentations and workshops. In addition, all aspects of health management responsibilities from health economics, patient flow and health tourism, quality and accreditation systems to practical information will be discussed.

This congress will provide to the participants;  

- practical ideas in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of health institutions,

- information and suggestions that will contribute to improving their awareness of the problems we face in our health services and their solutions,

- a wide range of knowledge and skills between health managers and experts, such as encouraging the cooperation and coordination needed to share world-wide knowledge and experience of healthcare and hospital management.

In the main and parallel sessions of the Tenth Health Management Congress ( ), approximately 20 different topics such as the management dimension of the health sector, information management and information technologies and many others will be discussed. About 50 distinguished speakers from academic circles, public and private sector practitioners, scientists and experts will participate in the congress which will take place in Antalya between 11-14 December 2019, and will enable to discuss national and universal knowledge on the subject with the relevant side of the subject, they will also create a ground for encouraging its implementation.

As the co-chairs of the congress, we hope to meet each of you with great enthusiasm and interest and to work with you during this congress. We hope that you will join us in our congress in Antalya, which we believe will contribute to raising awareness of our society on health problems and solutions. We would be honored to see you in December.